After accomplishing this course, student will be able to understand:

  • different operations used in CAM.
  • how to use right tool for specific operation..
  • selecting the feed and speed from catalogue
  • Analyze the tool path and simulate its posted NC file
  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Diploma Holders
  • Automotive vendors
  • Anyone who wants to start his career as tool Designer

    Candidate should have knowledge of CNC Machine Operation
    Machine the cavity of spanner mould
    How 3D point cloud data can be used directly for machining.

    • Preparing the part for machining
    • Defining machine
    • Defining the coordinate system
    • Creating the stock
    • Selecting the proper tools for specific operations
    • Selecting the feed rate and spindle speed with catalogue
    • Selecting the proper operation for specific task
    • Roughing operations
    • Semi-finishing operations
    • Finishing operations
    • Optimizing the non-machining time
    • Selecting the check surfaces
    • Parameters control like depth of cut, step over etc
    • Generating the output
    • Brief over view of post processing
    • Analyzing the tool path
    • Simulating the G & M codes/posted NC file.